A Severe Nature Giveaway !!!


Hey Guyssss!!!! Today I’m giving away the Severe Nature WildGang Crewneck from their F/W 2013 Collection


photo 1


photo 2


Only three rules to enter this giveaway.

* Must be following @Kaleidoscopian_ and @SevereNature on Twitter :)

* Share this post and add #SNGiveaway


*Leave a comment telling me what you think Christmas is about :)

Good luck and Merry Christmas :D

*The winner will be announced on Christmas Day and contacted via twitter :)

note this giveaway is only applicable to people in Canada and the States

To view more from their collection visit them at http://www.severenature.com/

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Martha says:

    Christmas is about the love of God and the reason he gave us jesus christ celebrating his birth by telling people about him and by sharing gifts as a sign of love.


  2. As the saying goes “He is the reason for the season”. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ and spreading His love. it is a time to reach out and share the gifts of our Savior; love, forgiveness, compassion and kindness.


  3. mfon. says:

    Christmas is about love, sharing, spending time with your loved ones. Most importantly, remembering the reason why you made it the whole year!


  4. Emeka Ogbowu says:

    Christmas is about the birth of Christ


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