Merry Christmas !!!


 ‘Tis really the season to be jolly!! Hello beautiful people !!! Hope everyone had a fun Christmas eve, marinating that turkey and just hoping the night will run by fast so you get to anticipate that grand Christmas dinner a little less . I don;t know what it is really, but there’s this thing that just makes you feel extra merry , you just feel that Christmas spirit and have yourself smiling and wishing the whole neighbourhood a Merry Christmas. This is my 5th Christmas in a row that I didn’t get to spend with my family but I still found a way to celebrate it with friends !! I miss my family :( and I know next Christmas we will all be spending it together !! :) For this year, I’m hosting a dinner at my house and I invited a  few of my friends who are also spending this beautiful holiday alone in this cold  cold city and we are going to eat and be merry!!!!!! :) and you should too ;) 

Well have a very merry and safe Christmas all with love from the blog and I :)


Red 4




Red Dress; Gojane

Ankara Peplum Belt; Dilliche

Shoes; Urbanog

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aron says:

    DANG!! U look an absolute BABE in this outfit!! lol Im not kiddin u look STUNNING in this dress, such a crazy sexy shape! Like the best wrapped present possible. I love ur eyes in the last pic. Sorry u wer lonely, which city ru in? ;) x x x


    1. Yvonne Ben says:

      hahah!! Thanks Aron!! Sorry I’m replying you right now, I’ve been busy, but Thank you very much :*


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