#Spotlight Wat’s The Fuss | Season 3 Episode 1 | Wedding Season {Video}


Hahahah! But honestly, what will you do? The Wat’s The Fuss ladies are back with season 3 and they are starting off with things that normally come to mind during “Wedding Season” What the full episode below :) Keep in touch with the “Wat’s The Fuss?” crew http://instagram.com/watsthefuss/ https://twitter.com/WatsTheFussShow https://www.facebook.com/watsthefuss

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#Poetry The 99 Project by Severe Nature featuring F.taiwo | Shot and Edited by U.A Images

if looks could kill

“The 5th episode of the 99 Project features outstanding performer F.Taiwo. He takes the theme “If looks could kill” from the 2014 Severe Nature Spring Collection and expresses his opinion on it. The video is directed and edited by UA Images. This performance creates an awareness towards stereotypical subjects in our current community.” ~ Gotten from http://www.the-99project.com/

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