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Introducing The Kscope App #thekscopeapp

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I’m very proud to introduce the Kscope App! It’s been a long time coming and thank God, It’s finally here! That electronic hub that lives in your mobile devices!

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It’s an easy way to access the blog! Check out fashion features and spotlight interviews with just a tap!  Very effective in updating you about upcoming events in your city or a city around you!

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You can sign up and join the conversation on the social wall about events, promos, giveaways and posts!

New icons like Youtube videos, friends of The Kscope ( Daily spotlight showcasing brands and businesses we love) and more!

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Introducing the “Submit Your Event” Tool

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Good day all, I’m happy to announce the introduction of this easy to use tool for event organizers and school organizations who would like their events to be advertised on The Kaleidoscopian.  This tool can be accessed via a laptop on the top right of the front page or any page linked to the site or via the drop down menu at the top on a mobile browser again on the front page or any page linked to the site.


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Team 360 Presents Le Rouge Affair 2015 People’s Choice Awards | Nominations & Promo Videos

Team 360 has officially announced the commencement of nominations for this year’s People’s Choice Awards; the recognition segment @ Le Rouge Affair 2015! It starts August 1st and ends August 17th.

Team 36o teamed up with Omar of CBG Music to explain what winning to an artist is.

The categories are defined as follows:

  • Best Dance Group

This category recognizes dance groups that showcase and perform dance routines in shows, concerts, music videos, dance workshops and other performance avenues in the past year (May 2014 – July 2015)

  • Party Of the Year

Best Party put on by any organization within May 2014 to July 2015 in Canada

  • Best Collaboration

This category recognizes songs that feature two or more artists released by a Canadian Resident (temporary or Permanent) in the past Year. It can feature artists from other parts of the world. This collaboration cannot be a cover.

  • Event of the Year

Best African cultural event OR show put on by any Organization within May 2014 to July 2015 in Canada

  • Artiste of the Year

An Artist (rapper/singer), male or female based in Canada who has shown resilience and improvement in his/her musical background in the past year

  • Best Dj

The DJ who has gained reputation due to frequent appearances and has gained the most crowd appeal over the past year in Canada

  • Best Fashion Brand

The company that has proved to provide the best fashion wear/trend: Includes Urban clothing line, fashion houses, fashion designers etc. (The company has a base/office/outlet/store in Canada)

  • Best Media Group

BLOGS, WEBSITES, WORDPRESS etc. that help in the dissemination of news, information and media primarily in Canada

  • Best Photographer

The Photographer with the most unique skill set to produce and reproduce images in the finest quality in Canada

  • Producer of the Year

A Producer that has consistently produced good music, sounds and beats throughout the entire year (May 2014/ July 2015). The Producer has to have produced in Canada or for a Canadian (temporary or permanent) resident

  • Entertainment Team of the year 

The best entertainment group that has promoted & Organized the best events; parties, shows in Canada over the past year (May 2014 – July 2014)

Head on to http://team360group.org/#/nominate now and nominate your faves

#Event African Fashion Week #Toronto 2015 | Student Designer Competition Registration #AFWT2015 #SDC2015


AFWT presents its 3rd annual Student designer competition.
This year’s program will feature students & newly graduated fashion designers, Make-up artists, and Hair stylists.
For your FREE registration in any of the 3 categories, Please send email to

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Check out my coverage from last year; African Fashion Week Toronto |My #AFWT2014 Experience| Student Designer Competition (Pictures and Videos)

#Spotlight An Agency that caters to prospective Nigerians looking to study, work and live in Canada | Cannime by Florence Akpan


Hi Guys! I came across Flo’s blog a while back and I decided that a spotlight on her work was very needed! I had a brief written interview with her, check it out below! Enjoy!

*Tell me your full name and a brief bio on yourself-

2014-12-17 08.28.53

My Name is Florence Akpan, I am Nigerian and a certified Ibibio girl. I am also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by profession and I work as a Finance and Accountability Manager in Saskatchewan. I have lived in Saskatchewan since I moved to Canada in 2004. So basically you can call me a Saskatchewan girl. As the Nigerians will say, Saskatchewan has become my village. I did not think I would last this long in this province but it has turned out to be a great blessing to my family and I. I am also a Permanent Resident in Canada working on the citizenship process now.

*Do tell about Cannime.com –
Cannime.com is a blog/ website that provides information on how to come and achieve success in Canada to prospective and current immigrants in Canada.

* What and what inspired you to start this blog?
This blog was inspired by my desire to;
• See immigrants especially international students succeed and become well integrated into the Canadian System.
• Ensure that immigrants do not make avoidable mistakes and are well informed.
• Stay updated with the immigration laws and how it relates to immigrants.
The story below sum up my reason for starting Cannime:
During my undergraduate studies, I was so focused on finishing my program and graduating in 4 years that I missed out on the best opportunity to gain valuable Canadian work experience while in school. In my school (University of Saskatchewan) most graduates especially in Edward School of Business had their fulltime jobs by the end of the first semester of their Last year. And based on my discussion with most of my colleagues who got job offers, they had done at least a 4month internship (co-op) and some of the employers re-hired them or some found better jobs.
I applied to a lots of jobs during that recruiting session, got invited for three interviews and did not get any of the jobs. The fear of graduating came on me… lol. Am I going to be one those jobless graduates? I kept applying and just before my final paper, God came through, I jot a job offer! It was April 16th 2009 I still remember that day. So basically, it took me almost another semester to secure a job. Although I had some customer service work experience, these employers felt more comfortable hiring those students who had more accounting related work experiences. If I had more business/Accounting related work experience on my resume, I could have had an offer way sooner.
Furthermore, when I started working (my first job was with the Government of Saskatchewan) I realized there was something called seniority and a colleague of mine whom we started work together on the same day and at the same time had way more seniority than me. When I asked why, I was told her work experience while in school through the internship program counted for her and also made it easy for her to get hired because she had worked with them before. With all this information, I was determined to spread the word to all international students on the benefits of Internship (co-op) because there is no need rushing out of school and becoming jobless or losing out on all the benefits that comes with internship programs. I have also written about the benefits of internship on Cannime.com
Stories like these and those friends have shared inspired Cannime.

What are your goals?-
My goals through blogging are to
• Provide reliable and real information to immigrants.
• Create an atmosphere where immigrants can come together and help each other succeed through advice and shared experiences.
• Ensure that immigrants are updated on Immigration law changes and the impact.

Do you have a plans for your blog in the coming future? Please Share.
1. We plan to do more videos in the coming year and feature more successful international students and share their experiences. The goal is to provide prospective students and parents insights on what schooling in Canada is like, the challenges and the opportunities that are available to students after their studies. We currently have a YouTube Channel, however, there is not much content on there at this point. We have only have one video on Practicing Medicine in Canada –

It that has been very informative to prospective medical professionals and there have been demand from other professional for videos like that.
2. To assist  Nigerians who are looking to study in Canada navigate their way through course and school selections, application processing, pre-departure and post arrival needs and airport assistance as well as accommodation needs.
As a Canadian Educational Agency, Our team of experts are made up of former International students whom have successfully navigated the Canadian Educational System, completed their studies and work in the Canadian system.
3. We have also started interview coaching and resume/cover letter review for immigrants looking for employment in Canada. Our plan is to assist immigrants get job interviews and excel at their interviews with job offers.

There you have it guys!!! Cannime by Florence Akpan!

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