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#Spotlight Meso Eats by Richard and Emikele; Creating and Delivering Healthy & Nutritious Nigerian Food Hassle Free in The GTA

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I recently sat with the inspiring duo, Richard and Emikele of Meso Eats! A food service that aims at making healthy and nutritious Nigerian foods accessible and hassle free! In this interview,  Emikele and Richard talk about the missing gap in the Nigerian food industry in Canada, the very much needed association of the word “healthy” with Nigerian Cuisine. Richard explains that delicious nigerian dishes can be healthy and with their incredible Meso fit plan, you can still enjoy those meals and still have a healthy diet plan in place! Emikele who is also the head  chef in charge talks more on how that’s possible by sharing some of her kitchen secrets! Get to know more below.

They also brought a sample Mesolite Plan Package and we had a fun tasting session! Watch below!

Shot by Dre

That was Richard and Emikele of Meso Eats!

Use the code YvonneBen20 to get 20% off a select plan at http://mesoeats.com

I forgot to mention that I am now the brand’s newest ambassador and I starred in their infomercial. Take a look at it above and while doing so, like their facebook page!🙂

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#YB Mini Impromptu Video Interview with Chef Bab. T of African Restaurant Get Grill in Brampton, ON


A while back, when I was in Toronto for an event, a friend introduced my tastebuds to this consumable masterpiece known as Get Grill’s Suya Steak Wrap


Trust me when I say that the first bite was heavenly!! If you’re having a bad day and you get this wrap, you’ll undergo some sort of  emotional transformation lol! Yes it was that serious! So I told myself when next I find myself down south, I will  must visit this place. Found and opportunity and next thing you know, I’m journeying to Brampton! I always carry my camera with me so while eating up on their asun  meal, I asked with my fingers crossed if I could get a quick interview, and to my surprise, they said yes!🙂

It was pretty much unplanned so we did the best we could do, my camera battery died half way, so I ended up using my phone, but at the end of the day I was able to put two and two together and made the video. I do hope you guys like it🙂 Enjoy!

“For an unforgettable experience… Come into GET GRILL! We promise a taste for every palate!” ~ The chefs @ Get Grill

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The24SevenClub presents Summer Wave 2014 |Friday August 22 2014 | @ Mississauga WILD WOOD PARK, PICNIC AREA B.

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The24SevenClub, is organizing a fun day out for all the family this August called Summer Wave 2014, the event takes place at WildWood Park, Picnic Area B,Mississauga on Friday, August 22nd from 1 pm. Summer Wave will be an event full of sports, games, music and food. There will also be a soccer tournament with the opportunity for the winning team to take home a $1000 cash prize.

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Visit http://24seven.club/sw2014/registration-soccer-tournament-policy/ to register

Being a catering company, The24SevenClub will ensure that good food will be available throughout the day. The vendors for Summer Wave will offer:


Get Grill: serving African bbq and wraps


Georgia Hots: serving gourmet Hot dogs



Twistee Dairy: an ice-cream truck serving a variety of icecreams in different flavors

Tickets for the event cost $5, which includes participation in all the games.

A number of sponsors have helped to make Summer Wave possible: The GidiloungeGroup, V3 Ideal image consulting, Accurate Plus furnished Apartments, White Lion Media Group and the Donzelli Management Group.

The24SevenClub decided to organize Summer Wave as a way for families to enjoy a fun and relaxing day to close the summer holiday and reunite with friends for the new school year.

Readers wishing to join Summer Wave can find further information here:


The24SevenClub Now Serves Hamilton & Mississauga With Home Delivery of African Cuisine


A fresh, young business called The24SevenClub is extending its operations to Mississauga as of this month. Specializing in African cuisine, The24SevenClub also launched a new website(http://24Seven.club) to facilitate the ordering process. The move marks the growing success of the catering business, which began operations in Hamilton Ontario. That success appears to be fuelled by the demand of the local community of International African students. The lifestyle of most students has been noted to hinder the preparation of traditional dishes.



This is something from the home countries that the community misses. To meet the demand, The24SevenClub serves meals via home delivery three days a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 5 and 7pm. In a move to win customer loyalty, there is now the option for one-day delivery instead of the compulsory minimum of 3 days, and for customers to select custom meals. Now that customers of The 24 Seven Club can order and pay online, the business has joined the ranks of small e-commerce businesses in Ontario.

Here’s a quick explainer video


My Quick Review

* Visited http://24seven.club/ and the website is very easy to navigate! And those pictures!! Yummmm! Wish I was in Mississauga right now🙂


* Jumped right to the Order online page and it’s so easy to place an order or more. You have so many options and you can watch your order build up on the right! I love it!!

ko pp


*Join The tribe now , become a member and get those benefits😉


Connect with them

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/The24SevenClub

Twitter: https://twitter.com/the24sevenClub

Website: http://24seven.club/


*T & J’s Soulfood Restaurant , Sheffield *



T & J’s Soulfood, Sheffield ;
Open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

For more info or to place orders ;

Facebook Page ; T & J Soulfood

Twitter: @TandJsSoulfood


or call 07939592923 ;
Restaurant located : 133 west bar, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England