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#StreetStyle; Sudbury Street Style; Emily E.


School: Laurentian University/ Country: Canada/ Program: Psychology

Your Style: I usually find that the types of clothing I like are really eclectic. My favourite styles are boho, though I don’t really have any of that style of clothing; along with preppy and a bit of modern. I’m a sucker for jewelry, so I have a lot of accessories, especially necklaces, rings and hair bows. I usually try to add a bit of my own personality into whatever I wear, I love the little details that just bring an outfit together. My inspiration comes from Pinterest (I’m addicted) or what I see other people wearing out on the street or on campus.

For fun: I love anything to do with art and writing, and when it’s cold enough, skating.

What are you Wearing?





Top: Forever21/Jeans: American Eagle/Shoes: Payless/Purse: Ardene/Accessories: Forever21

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#StreetStyle | Sudbury Street Style; Lyra Yu

DSCN4477 (2)

School – Laurentian University / Country – China / Program – Masters in Environmental Chemistry

Your style – I usually dress up for comfort and I get my Inspiration from my mom

For fun : Skiing & dancing

What are you wearing ? 

DSCN4475 (2)



Jacket and leggings ~ BCBGMAXAZRIA | Shoes ~ Prada | Shirt ~ Clover Canyon | Sunglasses ~ Dolce & Gabbana


Top ~ American eagle | Skirt ~ Honey | Shoes ~ Valentino | Bag ~ Michael Kors | Sunglasses ~ Ralph Lauren


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Instagram: http://instagram.com/Lyra_Y

#StreetStyle S.S.S (Sudbury Street Style); Michelle Rene | The Kaleidoscopian’s new #SudburyStreetStyle Contributor


In reference to my last ootd post, This feature is on our new #SudburyStreetStyle contributor Michelle Rene🙂 . Get to know her.


School: Laurentian University

Country: Canada

Program: Currently Psychology, working on switching to Biology

Describe your Style: My style is quite eclectic. I wear a lot of odd pieces often enough and some style rules I just throw right out the window. Clothing is an expression of yourself, what you like and how you feel, so many of the items I own, I was so smitten with when I first saw them that I had to have them. I also think in terms of functionality and versatility, so how many ways can I wear a piece and with how many things can I match it up to make a good looking outfit. I own way more scarves than I should for that reason alone. I can’t say where it is I get my inspiration from because I have no idea! I love the way celebrities like Solange Knowles and Blake Lively dress and the work of design companies like Alexander McQueen. As for collecting, I do own a lot of scarves, and way too many pairs of shoes, but my jewellery is special to me, as most of the pieces I own have a story behind them.

What I do for fun/interesting thing: For fun, I enjoy reading and listening to music. As for an “interesting” thing I do on the side, I am very much against captivity and animal abuse. The cause dearest to me now is that of cetacean captivity, keeping whales and dolphins in tanks for entertainment purposes. I am involved in the social media aspect of protest against this kind of unethical treatment of animals and I do my best to learn everything I can about them and the conditions they live in to be able to form a concise argument against keeping them in marine parks.

Favorite Quote: “This too shall pass.”

Facebook: Michelle Rene

Tumblr: jericho–rose.tumblr.com

What are you wearing:







GAP cardigan | Garage elasticized cargo pant | Call It Spring oxford shoes | Garage ballerina tee | Moonstone set in sterling silver from Vivah | Sterling silver confirmation pendant from my family





 Urban Planet Skinny Jean |  Urban Planet Basic Long Sleeve Tee | Jean Machine Large Scale Tribal Scarf | George Women’s Riding Boots.

About her style,

#OOTD Red Ripped Skinny Jeans + New #SudburyStreetStyle News


Hey guys!!!🙂 Sometimes I feel an outfit so much I decide to turn it to an ootd blog post. Here I had a meeting as well as took pictures for a Sudbury street style feature! It was sunny and warm but there was a little wind, so I wore my thrifted shimmery button up, red ripped skinnies and pointy toe suede pumps.

Great news!! I had a meeting with my Sudbury street style feature for the day Michelle Rene and we decided to add her as a Sudbury street style contributor for The Kaleidoscopian!! She told me she loves the #SudburyStreetStyle movement and she knows a lot of stylish sudburians and I said how about I make you a contributor for the Sudbury Street Style segment on my blog and she said yes! In a more exciting manner🙂 Her style feature and more on her drops tomorrow! Stay tuned!😀





P.S Michelle helped me with these pictures😉

I also have other plans in the works to expand The Kaleidoscopian and with God’s unfailing grace, they will all pull through! As time goes on, I will keep updating you all!😀❤

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#StreetStyle S.S.S (Sudbury Street Style); Godwin O.



School: Laurentian University

Country: Nigeria

Program:  Law and Justice

Describe your style(i.e what type of clothing are you into, and if you collect anything, what it is and why ?, where do you get your inspiration from ):  I just love wearing long sleeve shirts and trousers, lol I’m inspired by anyone, My mum made me dress properly since I was little, so I guess I grew up with a sense of fashion. I am not inspired by anyone.

What do you do for fun, any interesting thing you do on the side: For fun I play FIFA and I play soccer too.

Favorite Quote:  “Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up.” ~ Nelson Mandela


What are you wearing ? :


Jacket – H&M | Shirt – H&M | Pants – Urban Collection | Shoes – Timberlands


Shirt – Faded Glory | Pants – Urban Collection | Shoes – Nike Air Force


please watch in HD

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